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The blog is first of all intended to overview the most beloved and popular lotto games played online around the globe. It will also cover lotteries latest results, jackpots winning stories and naturally enough some discussions and tips on how to become a successful lottery winner. The last topic is of particular importance as it is actively discussed by the online lottery players.    


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So what is this all about? Many of us keep asking ourselves: How can I possibly become rich without investing much time, efforts and, what is more important, money? And surprisingly enough, they have a number of options to choose among.   


You can possibly inherit a fortune, supposed you have a wealthy relative with whom you manage to maintain close relationships. It can be really difficult from the emotional standpoint - it goes about the close person decease, misunderstanding from the part of other relatives who expected to get the fortune and even about state taxation - but sometimes it works that way.  


One can try to find a treasure in his attics or basement. There are plenty of stories when a lucky guy finds a rare thing and is smart enough to show it to the specialist instead of getting rid of it at his garage sale or simply throwing it away.


Long term equity stock investments can be a way to become rich without spending much effort. You can buy some shares and eventually they may pay off. But who knows how much time it will take and the method requires certain financial background or appropriate advice whether to trade off or to buy in stock. As it was a case with an American who was 40 when he bought several shares issued by the company he worked for. He spent something like $200 and eventually reinvested the dividends several times and when he was almost 100 years old he held about 1 million of those shares estimated at over $7 mln.    


You can also choose to open a deposit account in some of the banks you trust. You will rake off the interest year by year unless the bunk goes bankrupt or there will be another credit crunch in the country. Still sometimes the fate can make a really curious turn like with a couple which requested a $100,000 overdraft from their bank and due to the typing error received something like $10 mln. They had to decide whether to give the money back or to “run into the woodwork”. They chose the last in this way becoming out of law but very rich. So was it a gift or trick of fate?      


Another way people get rich without much work done is gambling. You bet on horse or dog racing or you can bet on sports. However, you have to find some sponsor to offer you free money to bet as  it was a case with some Texas guy who won a $100,000 sweepstakes sponsorship, made his bet with 1:8 odds and won. 


One might say it is something just like playing a lottery. And he would be right but just to a certain degree. The things can not be equaled just because they share the concept of being lucky enough to become rich easily. The above mentioned suggestions imply too many variables to take into account. The true to life reality shows, that when it goes about the lottery games it implies just spending a few bucks, choosing numbers (surely, the issue deserves separate discussion) and hoping that luck will not turn back on you. 


Surely enough it is worth mentioning Australian lottery industry swing. Australians are known as the world most passionate gamblers and lottery players. And it is quite natural as the countries 5 major lotto game: Monday and Wednesday lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball and Saturday Lotto deliver dozens of jackpot winners as well as millions in the secondary prizes every year. Surely enough Oz Lotto worth separate mentioning. Oz Lotto results are really mind-boggling as it accounts for the country's jackpot record of over 100 mln bucks claimed by a single ticket.  Keeping up with the latest trends the Aussie lottery operators moved to the online market to meet the growing demand and extend their geographical reach to other countries.


So do not miss your chance to become a millionaire, play and check American and Australian lotto results online.  




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